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Marco de Canaveses


Marco de Canaveses is a beautiful city, the county seat, located in Porto and Northern Portugal, an area of outstanding natural beauty, where they run the Tamega and Douro rivers, and fertile soils that produce tasty wines, vegetables and cereals area.

The region denotes traces of human occupation since ancient times, having been found important remains from the Neolithic period and the later period of Roman occupation, with traces of Tongobriga, an ancient Roman settlement.

This is an agricultural region with a rich architectural, heritage visible in the very historical center of the city, where they have several noble and stately manors, sign of wealth produced by fertile land.
Marco de Canaveses proud of its Church of Saint Mary and the Tower of Vinhal as well as the beautiful building of the Town Hall, which reflects well the stately architecture of the region.

In March Canaveses the famous Carmen Miranda was born, so it's worth a visit to the museum dedicated to her, city pride.

Nearby, are located in Caldas Canaveses, already used by the Romans for the good properties of its sulfur springs.

The Legend of Marco de Canaveses ...
It is said that the name "Marco Canaveses" will come a day when Queen Mafalda just passed by works that had built the bridge, and full of thirst, asked for water to the masons. As access to the river was very hard, one of them offered a reed to the queen drank directly from the river. The Queen, the returns it will have said "Keep the cane is good because sometimes".


Cruises on the Douro

Discover the beauty of the Douro region up or down the river in a cruise.


Cities of northern Portugal and Interesting Tourist Spots


Amarante Tourism Website

  • Monastery of S. Gonçalo
  • Bridge S. Gonçalo
  • conventual cakes





BarcelosTourism Website       

  • Palace of the Dukes
  • Churches Rosary Cross
  • Benedictine convent
  • Walk in the streets with medieval houses and Baroque mansions
  • Buying local handicrafts (Barcelos Rooster)





Braga Tourism Website

  • Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte
  • MMonastery Tibães
  • Cathedral
  • Pational Park of Peneda-Geres




Bragança Tourism Website     

  • The castle with its medieval walls
  • Domus Municipalis
  • Park Montesinho






Cabeceiras de Basto Tourism Website

  • Monastery Refojos






Caminha Tourism Website     

  • Clock Tower
  • Walls
  • Central Square with cafes and terraces
  • Rua Direita





Guimarães Tourism Website   

  • Castle
  • Palace of the Dukes of Braganza
  • Hostel Santa Marinha
  • Penha mountain





Mirandela Tourism Website    

  • Matriz Church
  • City Hall
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Palace Távoras





Ponte de Lima Tourism Website

  • Medieval bridge
  • Largo de Camões
  • Manor Bertiandos
  • Walk through the streets of the historic center






Porto Tourism Website

  • Porto wine cellars
  • Historical Center
  • Palace of Bolsa
  • Cathedral
  • Clergymen Church and Tower
  • Church of S. Francisco
  • Beaches and terraces in the region of Foz do Douro
  • Cruises on the Douro River
  • Lello Bookshop


Viana do Castelo Tourism Website

  • Sanctuary of Santa Luzia
  • City Hall
  • House of Arcs
  • Convent of Santa Ana
  • House of Mercy




Vila Real Tourism Website

  • Mateus Palace
  • Cathedral and Chapel of São Brás
  • Churches of São Pedro and Mercy, São Dinis and Chapelle Neuve
  • Clergymen Church
  • Footpaths





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